Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go, there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know


“Boy, you don’t waste anytime.” I said before finishing up my lunch. In the Cafeteria, I decided to change it up since the food fight and sit with some male soccer players at the athletes table. Not even 30 minutes into lunch and someone was already asking me out. “I can’t give you the time of day. I’m taken.” I said quickly reaching for my bottle of water. “By who?” The young male asks. To his defense, he just transferred to Westchester Grove and still didn’t know the ins and outs on everyone. “By me.” I heard someone say behind me. I turn to look and nod in agreement, “Yeah, by him.” I get up from the table carrying my tray over to the table where Katie, Janet, and Dune’s friend, Patrick are all sitting at. “Thank you for saving me.” I said to Dune sitting down. “No problem babe.” He responded giving me a light kiss that brushed my lips. “What’s the moves for after school?” Katie asked interrupting Dune and I. “I don’t know. Why are you asking me?” I said to the table overall. “Let’s just meet on the fields.” Janet suggested. “We always do that.” Katie said sounding bored. “There’s a new surf shop downtown.” Dune said excitedly. “Oh, yeah!” I said in agreement. “It isn’t far from the Nike Outlet.” I said softly reminding Katie about her need for sneakers. “Sounds like a plan.” Patrick said to the table generally.

“Class is finished, you are dismissed.” My English teacher said to the class. It was my last class of the day. I walked toward my locker, opened it when I got there and put all my books away. I grabbed my lip gloss, touched it up in the mirror that was hanging on the door, and shut the door afterwards. “Kristen!” I heard a male shout behind me. I recognized the voice immediately and realized it was Dune’s. He reached for my hand when he got to me, and we went outside to wait for the others.


“Everyone’s here, let’s go! I’ll drive.” Dune said as soon as we all found each other. “I drove today as well.” Patrick said softly. I looked at Janet and smiled, knowing that she had a thing for him and this is her opportunity to get closer to him if she wanted anything to ever form. She didn’t seem to get the hint, so I took a cue from Katie’s facial expressions, and stared a Janet blankly. “I’ll ride with you.” Janet responded after realizing what I was trying to communicate to her. Sometimes life would be easier if we all as humans could have telepathy. We got into our separate cars, and headed from school in the general direction of downtown Westchester.

“I love this dress!” I heard Janet squeal about a dark blue tie dye dress she had on in the fitting room. “Let me see!” Katie and I said at the exact same time. “Jinx.” I replied to Katie specifically. Janet stepped out and twirled in the dress, “I love it.” I said before I felt a vibration come from my pocket in my jeans. I pulled out my phone and glanced at it. I was not pleased with what I saw. It was something I didn’t really want to see, all I wanted to do was forget about it and pretend it was never there. I didn’t like Massie as the reigning alpha before and her micro-management of my time, and I wasn’t sure if I would be willing to deal with that again. It was the invitation to her infamous Friday night sleepover. I looked up and immediately Katie realized there was something wrong because I still had my blank stare.



“Hi Mom. Dune and Katie are with me for the moment, do you care if they stay for dinner?” I asked walking into my home. “No, we’re having vegan Pot Pies, I’ll cook two more. Dune and Katie, is there anything else you would like with the pie? Kris is having potatoes with it.” Marsha Gregory asked my friends while cooking. “No, Mrs. Gregory. Everything sounds good.” Katie said and Dune seconded it. I started to walk up the stairs after I took off my shoes and my friends followed in suit. “So, what’s wrong?” Dune asked before sitting on my bed. I sat at the desk in my desk chair pulled up close to where I could rest my arm on the ledge of the foot board. Katie was sitting at my feet.  “Massie is back, right. So, she invited me to the annual Friday night sleepover.” I said to them both. “And, that’s a bad thing?” Dune asked looking slightly confused. “Yes, because she’ll go back to micro-managing my time again.” I said softly. “Well, the question is do you want to go?” Katie said brushing my free hand. I moved my hand to rest it on my forehead, “No, the question is; should I stay or should I go?”

The Brainaic, 

Kristen Michelle Gregory ♥

Song for the Post: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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True Friends Pt. 2

Hey Fellow Readers & Brainaics,

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Currently, I’m sitting at home listening to James Bay about to get up and head down for dinner with my mother and father before going to spend time with Dune.


Westchester Grove

Stern’s Office

12:15 pm

“Girls.” Principal Stern said looking up from each of our files before beginning on one his long drawn out speeches. I was standing in the middle of his office feeling out of place with my relatively disgusting clothing compared his extremely clean and neat office. I was growing annoyed by the feeling of food and grime on my body. And, I could not even begin to ignore the food that was ruining my voluminous blonde hair.

“I don’t know where to begin, I haven’t had this problem from any of you.” He said causing my attention to be diverted from my annoyance to his speech. I heard a cough come from further down the line knowing it had to be one of the girls making a dig at Claire or Claire even making one at herself. “Except from Miss Lyons.” Now that would be a shock from anyone who knew Claire prior to the summer that changed her life and everyone lives around us, too.

He then asked the obvious question, “Would anyone care to explain what started this?” I glanced downward at my shoes briefly thinking about coming forward knowing I couldn’t get any of us in too much trouble, but I kept my mouth shut. “I was afraid of this. Look, girls, I’ve been in education a long time. I know you think the whole united front thing is going to work. And it might. But I’ll let you in on a secret.” He leaned in looking a mix of exhaustion and devious. “You’re all going to clean up the cafeteria anyways.” After those words left his mouth, there was a surplus amount of annoyed groans coming from annoyed six annoyed girls.

“You’ve all been excused from your classes for the day. The janitors set out three mops  and three sponges with buckets. Get to mopping. Be happy that I’m not suspending you.” I was grateful for the lack of suspension, but ungrateful for having to spend the rest of my day cleaning and in disgusting clothes. All I wanted to do was get to my locker and at the very least, put on my gym clothes that I typically wear after soccer that are pretty cute.

You could honestly cut the tension with a knife. There was some bad blood boiling between the current alpha and the ex-alpha that would take a civil war to resolve. There was silence until we reached the double doors. Alicia spoke up while blocking one of the doors to walk through,”Okay, let’s cut the crap. The silent treatment is so middle school. And some of us have actually moved on from that.” I looked around at Massie waiting on what she would say. She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow before responding with, “Puh-lease. It’s not the silent treatment. There’s nothing to say. We all know how this goes. And we all know that there’s only one winner.”

During their showdown, I watched Lana attempt to walk through the doors unscathed, but before she could Alicia responded. “Well, I’ve already got Live on my side. She might be on vacation-” “Getting a nose job,” I coughed into my palm before looking at Alicia’s face. “ANYWAY, but she will be back next week. So I’ve got an advantage.” Alicia said with confidence. “Since when is Faux-Livia an advantage.” Massie scoffed causing Alicia to nearly retreat in confidence.

“Are you going to make a decision or just stand there?” Massie said loudly causing the girls to all look at her. I slowly retreated behind her. Of course, Alicia’s jaw dropped in surprise. “Sorry, I’ve been in this fight before. I know how it ends.” I said shrugging satisfied with my decision. Dylan followed close behind me and sighed. “I’m with Kristen. Sorry Leesh.”

Claire remained frozen her spot for what seemed like forever. “Well?” Both of the girls asked prompting her to finally come to a conclusion and answer. “I’m not choosing a side. This has been my life for way to long. Look, I like you both, but this Sophie’s Choice crap is getting old. I’m Switzerland.” After that response, I could see Alicia’s confidence fading awfully quickly. She turned to Lana. “Well Lana. Who do you pick?” She asked. Massie’s eyes widened before she responded, “Her? She’s not part of this.” Alicia showed no aggression just was pointing out an obvious idea. “She’s here isn’t she?” Alicia said to Massie in particular. “So what do you say Lana?”

“Massie has a point. I’m not apart of your little…. Whatever this is.” Lana responded causing Massie to smirk. Massie’s smirk completely fell after Lana uttered the last few words, “But Alicia has been a great pseudo-friend in the past. Plus, I’m pretty sure you threw the cake at me. And I’m not your biggest fan right now. So if I HAVE to choose, I choose Alicia.” Lana shuffled behind Alicia quickly. Massie glared in response and said, “You have no idea who you’re messing with.” Lana responded without much thought, “Oh yeah? Well neither do you.”

The last thing I wanted was additional girl drama. I had gotten used to the simple life where fights and arguments rarely broke out. It seemed like my worst nightmares were coming true.

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The Brainaic,

Kristen Michelle Gregory ♥

True Friends Pt. 1

Hello Fellow Readers & Brainaics,

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Currently, I’m finishing up this post on my bed, playing Bring Me The Horizon. Before getting ready to head out to go hang out with Janet and Katie. 


 Gregory Apartment

Suite 2B

6:15 am

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. I filled up my reusable bottle slipped on sneakers since I had slept in yoga pants and a sweatshirt last night. I grabbed my house keys and headphones before heading out for a short morning run. Dune joined me on this morning run making a little bit more fun for myself. I ran around my complex twice before going back to get ready for school.

“Mom!” I shouted walking in trying to see if she was awake making breakfast or if I would have to fend for myself. “I’m making some protein pancakes.” She said walking into the hallway. I kicked off my shoes and said thank you before heading toward the shower. I quickly washed myself and my hair. Once I was out, I blow dried my hair and loose curled it. I pulled on a graphic tee, a pair of high rise jeans, black leather booties, and finished the outfit with a leather jacket. I pulled out a thick infinity scarf, slipped on my watch, and grabbed my bag before sitting down for breakfast. I ate really quickly and before I knew it, my mom was warming up the car for me to head to school.

I was sitting in the car when I received a message. I looked down and saw it was Katie.

KATIE SPENCER: Hope your on your way. Can’t handle this school–too much with out you, Kris. xxo

I texted her back saying I wasn’t that far. When I arrived, I thanked my mom and shut the door to her 2010 Honda Civic. I was thankful that with the change of alphas, that materialism has no longer been a thing so no one was judging or staring at the 6 years old car. I walked to my locker, pulled out my World History book, and slammed the door shut before going to meet Janet and Katie where they had a small Chai Tea Latté from Dean & DeLuca for me. I walked into class and sat in my normal seat.


AP World History

8:00 am

At 8 am, silence promptly fell over the class. I could assume Claire Lyons was looking around the room like she does every morning. I was staring at the SmartBoard waiting on Mr. Bubbanni to appear. Janet was probably reading The Fault in Our Stars for what seems like the 1,000th time. I had suggested other books by John Green, but she had yet to change. Katie was probably reading Cosmo. Cam was probably texting the guys on his iPhone 6s. Dan was finishing work from Winter Break, Pre Calculus homework. Kori was possibly reading Vogue or Elle. Ryan was probably on his phone like Cam.

“Good Morning class. We are going to do a review on Chapter 4, Egyptian Civilization. I will be passing out a review sheet. It’s due Tuesday. If you finish it in class, turn it in to me. Page numbers of the chapter is on the board.” Mr. Bubbanni said interrupting everyone’s activities of choice. “You can work in partners, if you want.”

Everyone got up to sit with their partners of choice. Before Katie had a chance to work with me, Claire stole the seat. Katie and I both looked a Claire in irritation and disbelief. “Oops. Sorry. Go sit with Janet or something.” Claire said sounding fake. “So, what’s up Kris?” She said to me opening her textbook. “How are you not failing this class?” I said annoyed by Claire and how I was unable to work with Katie because of her.  As I said that, I opened my textbook, too. “Because I’m smart, Kris. God.” She said. “Let me guess, you want to talk to me about Massie.” I said before Claire had time to think or say something next.

Claire nodded before launching into the story of what happened with her yesterday starting where she found out Massie was moving back into the house next door to her. She explained the part of what happened even after we briefly ran into each other at Dean & DeLuca. “You got the message right?” She asked me causing me to speak. “Yeah, Nobody answered.” I said quickly as I was filling out the first answer to the question on the worksheet. “I just can’t believe she thinks she can waltz back in and everything can go back to the way it was in middle school.” Claire said interrupting my thoughts on History and causing me to think about Massie briefly. We continued to work on the worksheet and walking to Pre Calculus together and even sat next to each other. It was as if Claire thought that her and I were friends again.



11:35 am

When Claire was leaving out of the lunch line, I was already sitting down. I looked down at the beautiful lunch that sat before me. I had gotten Pho and a strawberry protein smoothie from the lunch line.

large (3)

I was sitting at table #10 with some of the other smart kids, including Katie and Janet. Claire was at table #14 with Sierra Schin and their group of friends. Alicia and her minions were at table #16. Also at Alicia’s table was Joshua Hotz, Lana Lovitz, and Olivia Ryan. Dylan sat at table #4 with the other rejects; Layne, Kori, Coral, Heather, and Meena. With everyone in their proper place, there was still something wrong with the picture. Massie was at the head of Alicia’s table. Everyone became silent, waiting on a cat fight to begin.

The catfight began like no other. Massie and Alicia were throwing insults left and right as well as food. “Honey, you’re no Alpha, you’re Beta than ever.” Massie said to Alicia. After a few more insults, salad full of ranch flew from Alicia’s hand toward Massie. Dylan said something to Alicia about how she replaced us with her minions and how she calls Dylan a loser. “Ex-star.” I coughed standing up. I started laughing when Dylan was covered in soy sauce and Claire was covered in tomato sauce. “You think this is funny, Kris?” Alicia screamed at me throwing spaghetti at me that was Josh’s. Lana was busy trying to be the mediator. Massie and Alicia agreed on one thing and that was telling Lana to shut up. “FOOD FIGHT!” A Loser Beyond Repair exclaimed a few tables away. Before I knew it, cheese sticks, salad, pasta, and sushi was being thrown all over the cafeteria. When the students heard the intercom sound, they quieted down, especially when they heard Principal Stern’s voice.

“Good Morning Westchester Grove Prepatory. Welcome back from Winter Break. I hope we can start off a good semester and year. Food fights, however, will not be tolerated. Massie Block, Kristen Gregory, Lana Lovitz, Claire Lyons, Dylan Marvil, and Alicia Rivera must report to my office immediately.”

The Brainaic,

Kristen Michelle Gregory ♥

Song for the Post: True Friends

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Everything Has Changed

Hey Fellow Readers & Brainaics,

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Currently, I’m sitting on my bed finishing this post about the last day of Winter Break before heading to bed for school the next morning. Mother is downstairs waiting for my Father to get home from his Art Show  and Beckham is curled up right beside me.


Gregory Apartment

Suite 2B

7:30 am

I woke up at what might seem like an ungodly hour to someone on Winter Break. But there was so much that had to be done. When I walked down the steps toward my kitchen, I noticed that no one in my home was awake. I quickly made a green smoothie and ate some fruit on the side before going back upstairs to put on some running clothes. I went on my morning run and when I returned, my Mother was finally awake.

“Kristen?” My Mother asked as I entered into my apartment. “Yes, it’s me.” I said before walking in. “What do you have planned for today?” She asked me causing me to keep conversation. “I need to go by Westchester Grove for some Student Council things, soccer practice, and hanging out with Dune.” I said listing everything that had to get done. “Okay. Let me know if you need anything, honey.” She said going back to washing dishes. I took that as my cue to head upstairs to shower and change.

I looked down at my phone before getting in the shower noticing I had a text from Dune.

DUNE BAXTER:  What is the most beautiful blonde in Westchester doing tonight around 6?

It said. I blushed a little at the compliment before typing a response. I knew what he was going to ask of me was probably to come by his home and have dinner with his family or for us to go out for dinner.

I quickly changed into something cute yet comfortable. I pulled out a white graphic tee and a plaid shirt. I grabbed a black stretch leather skirt that I paired with black tights and finished the look with a top knot and a statement necklace.

“Mom, I’m ready.” I said grabbing a leather backpack heading down stairs. We walked to the car my mother drove and she dropped me off at Westchester Grove.


Westchester Grove

10:30 am

I walked into the building calling one of my soccer and Student Council best friends. “Where’s the meeting again?” I asked making sure I had the correct place before I went into the wrong room. “Same room as always.” Janet said smiling. I hung up and walked the hallways until I reached the room.

The Student Council meeting was long and extremely boring. We were discussing the upcoming spirit week themes, our student exchange ideas, and dance themes. The only highlight of the entire meeting was seeing some of my best friends. With the Pretty Committee disbanding two years ago, I thought I would truly never make friends that I knew I could always count out. But I was wrong and that was the best feeling in the world.

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“Mind if we go by the library real quick before practice? I need to get something for English class.” I asked Janet and Katie. A volunteer was sitting at the Circulation Desk by herself reading a book. I led the way in the direction that I needed to go in. I grabbed the book I needed, reading some pages making sure that it was the right one. I continued to walk around making sure there wasn’t anything else I needed. “Let’s go.” I said walking back toward the Circulation Desk.


Westchester Grove

Soccer Fields

2:30 pm

On our way to the locker room from the fields, I had a small towel around my neck where I was wiping my face. Katie asked if we had checked the Westchester Grove Prep Gossip page while we were walking back. “No, why?” I asked not caring too much about who was new gossip and who wasn’t. She handed her iPhone to me and I was stunned with what I saw.


 Massie Block can’t really be back, can she? I thought to myself. I was confused more than anything and just didn’t know what to do or say, the Pretty Committee had ceased from existence. Alicia Rivera was the new alpha, Dylan Marvil was the reality show reject, I was class president, and Claire Lyons was the flirt of the school. The only thing I could think to say was, “Bet you can’t beat me to the locker room!” I began to run with Katie and Janet laughing, running behind me. I was grateful for the subject change, I figured I would know all the answers soon enough.


Dune’s Apartment

Suite 4C

3:15 pm

After soccer practice, I ran to a nearby café not far from Dune’s and Westchester Grove called Dean & Deluca. I bought an ice cold water and continued on my way to Dune’s apartment complex.

When I arrived to Dune’s house, I let myself in. “Ripple?” I asked walking into the home removing my coat. “Hi Kristen.” She responded walking from the living room. “My brother is upstairs.” She said before returning to the couch. I walked up the stairs and went into his room. I smiled looking at all the photos he had of us from the past two years on a corkboard by his desk. Dune and I had our ups and downs which meant a fair share of break ups and makeups, but ultimately we always figured it out.

I was sitting at his desk when he returned to his room from the shower. “What are we doing today?” I asked when he walked in. “I figured we would maybe hangout with Ripple or something, like get ice cream or Pinkberry. Then, go out for dinner just us two.” He said pulling on a Young & Reckless t-shirt. His eyes began to scan the room like he was looking for something in particular. “What are you looking for?” I asked. “A plaid shirt.” I walked over to his closet and pulled one out. He put it on and slipped on some shoes before going downstairs.

He told Ripple to put on her shoes and coat. We piled into his car and had a day of fun. I loved how simple life was with Dune. Nothing too complicated, just perfectly easy.


Gregory Apartment

Suite 2B

7:45 pm

I walked into my home waiting to hear some clatter or noise from the kitchen or living room. When I didn’t I walked upstairs, “Mom?” I asked loudly so she could hear. “Let’s watch a movie!” I heard her exclaim from her room. “Sounds fun.” When I was in middle school, I would never do that with her. She was the controlling type back then, but something changed where she became a “cool” mom. I put on some more comfortable clothes and picked out the outfit I would wear tomorrow. Right before I headed downstairs, I logged onto my iMac where I checked to see if I had any IMs. There was one in the Pretty Committee chat, that had not been touched for over two years. And, it was from Massie.


I quickly logged off and headed downstairs. I didn’t care what she had to say. I just knew one thing for sure, everything has changed. And, I wasn’t exactly ready for anymore changes. But, Monday morning, there might be some.

The Brainiac,

Kristen Michelle Gregory ♥

Song for the Post: Everything Has Changed

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